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Did you know the cost of college can vary widely based on your family’s income? Find out your true cost of college and compare schools.

* Our numbers are based on the data all schools report about their cost of attendance in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

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Know what you need to do and when with our easy to use checklists and downloads.


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College Cost & Compare Calculator

“This free web-based tool is easy to use and provides a great starting point and general breakdown of what an average family could expect to pay for a specific college. It’s never too early to start thinking about college and this is a great tool to begin your research.” — Elena Epstein, NAPPA Director

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Selecting the right college is a big and exciting decision. It can also be confusing, overwhelming and scary. CommunityAmerica is here to help you navigate the college planning process.

Our College and Career Planners are experienced counselors who are committed to guiding you through the entire process.

From choosing the right school to getting accepted to your favorite school to paying for college, our planners will build a customized plan that is unique to you.

Best yet, our services are absolutely free to any CommunityAmerica member.

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