Plan for College

Every goal starts with a plan.

Student Checklists

For students at every level of the college planning process.

Activities Resume

Stay on-track for college and beyond with an activities resume.

Education Savings

Every family needs to form an Education Savings Philosophy.

Student Checklists

From elementary schoolers to high school grads, we’re ready to cover it all.

Many assume that elementary school may seem early when it comes to college planning, but getting an early start would actually be the ideal thing to do. Establishing routines and identifying extra curricular opportunities that align with student’s interests are must-have opportunities to build a path of lasting success in middle school, high school, and beyond.


Activities Resume

Every activity counts when setting goals for pursuing higher education.

An activities resume is a great way to keep track of community volunteering, clubs, and even summer jobs. The earlier a student begins thinking of ways to build their extracurricular activities, the better their resume will look when applying to competitive college programs and scholarships.


Education Savings Philosophy

Sending a teen to college is a family effort.

Saving for your child’s college expenses starts with a family discussion. In order to proactively plan for funding the cost of a college education, all members of the household should agree to a shared Education Savings Philosophy. Sparking the conversation early could help your family prepare for borrowing loans, determining scholarship need, or fine-tune a savings plan so that everyone’s on the same page.



The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and American College Testing (ACT) have become assessment standards in the world of higher education. We explain how to prepare for each exam. From study guides to exam fees, we cover it all.

Finding your Perfect Career

The average person begins considering career options between the ages of 20 to 25. We suggest exploring even earlier. Do you know how to start planning for your future career? We explain the best way to begin honing in on your best skills.

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